What Drives Our Goals?

Begin with the end in mind. ~ Stephen Covey

Goals are vehicles. They are the driving force to keep us traveling toward our destination.

  • Bicycle goals take us around in our daily life, but don’t take us very far. They are necessary because they produce reasons to do the mundane.  Bicycle goals tend to have lots of stops and starts.
  • Rental truck goals filled with varied ideas, hopefully, will come together for a finished product at the destination. There is the danger that the contents don’t fit with the plan or maybe lost during the journey.
  • Trolley goals are meant for jumping on and off to get to specific destinations. Time often plays a role in these ambitions.
  • Sports car goals clearly are for those racy, wild aims that take us a bit out of our comfort zone, though admired by bystanders. High maintenance commitment is necessary for these goals to come to fruition.
  • Luxury car goals allow for lofty dreams beyond our norm.  Sometimes these goals are not practical. This may be a goal that allows for a stopping point prior to achievement. Some dream ambitions are meant to be just that…dreams.

My writing goals might look like this:

  • Bicycle: I’ll choose an area as my writing corner and gather what I need to begin the actual writing process.
  • Rental truck: I have 48 writing drafts in my queue waiting to unpack, discard, or put in a proper place.
  • Trolly car: I’m going to write this week in between several other projects.
  • Sports car: I’m going to gather all my writings and publish a book.
  • Luxury car: I’m going to write a best-seller, the great American novel.

Goals are motivators. They propel us forward; advance us to go beyond.  These designs create a road map to a destination, providing for short- and long-term objectives. We may get a flat tire, stop to eat and rest, or take on more luggage with these plans, but if we keep the pedal to the metal when moving forward, none of that matters.

road nature trees branches
Just keep driving!

Deadlines are often the reason for formal goals. Aims and ambitions often relegated to more personal goals sometimes lack a time schedule. Plans are fluid for some and static for others and the determination for goals can be either external or internal. Internal goals, however, are usually more personal; they contain our passions and our desires; external goals often have to do with work or projects.

Goals have purpose; however, no guarantee promises the goals reach fulfillment or look exactly as they did in the original planning stage: such as organizing a trip across country and settling down in Kansas because it turns out to be better than the intended purpose.

Recall that first time on a bike without training wheels, the first time solo driving the car, the first time taking a journey alone.  Remember feeling frightened and exhilarated simultaneously, and that overflowing sense of adventure and empowerment? Goals do that as well by awakening and then joining the “what could be” with the “what is” choices in life; the dream with the action.

Motivational speaker, Zig Ziglar said, if you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time. Don’t be afraid of the misses. Aim with precision, but learn from the misses. You already use goals, have goals, make goals. Do it deliberately and with gusto. Celebrate success in your goals and create new ideas from missing the road signs to a clear goal.

My goal is to write. My second goal is to write. My continuing goal is to write.

Expect the best!


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